To Tochigi Station

Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes from Asakusa Station by Tobu Nikko Line (Limited Express)

Approximately 15 minutes' walk


Tochigi City Tourist Association (1-day Citizen Passport for foreign tourists)

For foreign tourists, a 1-day Citizen Passport is a great way to enjoy Kuranomachi Old Town!

Approximately 4 minutes’ walk


A stroll through Kuranomachi Old Town while wearing a kimono

Wear a kimono as you stroll through Kuranomachi Old Town Tochigi!

Approximately 2 minutes’ walk


Tochigi Kuranomachi Museum of Art

The museum keeps and exhibits works by artists and craftsmen with strong ties to Tochigi City and works by contemporary ceramic makers (primarily those who are living national treasures). The museum also presents exceptional domestic and foreign artwork.

Approximately 6 minutes’ walk


A Boat Tour of Kuranomachi Old Town

The boat tour lasts around 20 minutesMoving with the river current, a boatman will describe the history and local character of Tochigi City and the Uzuma River and entertain passengers with the Uzuma River Boatman's Song.

Approximately 7 minutes by taxi


Omamyuda Shoten (Lunch)

Enjoy yakisoba with chunks of sweet potato, a Tochigi specialty♪

Approximately 7 minutes by taxi


Okada Memorial Museum (A local magistrate's residence and Okinajima villa)

Former home of Tochigi’s prominent Okada family, which starting in the Edo period and continued for 16 generations. The vast grounds cover 4,000 m2 and are home to storehouses where Okada family heirlooms are displayed.

Approximately 5 minutes by taxi


Tochigi Tourist Town Hall

Souvenirs are sold in stores that were originally built as storehouses.

Discount Ticket

"Furatto Ryomo Tobu Free Pass" is valid for 3 days and can be used to visit the entire Ryomo area.