Approx. 30 mins. from Ikebukuro.
Enjoy the atmosphere of Koedo (small Edo)
with warehouses standing along the streets.

In the “Kawagoe area”, which prospered as a post town in the Edo period,
you can enjoy the streets with old “kura-zukuri” style warehouses and merchant houses.
How about walking around the town of Kawagoe in autumn
while enjoying wearing a yukata (casual kimono) and eating?

Have you ever experienced Kawagoe?


Travel back in time to Kawagoe, the little Edo. A day trip for art and culture lovers.

Have been to almost all major tourist attractions in Tokyo and have no idea where else to go? If you want to escape from Tokyo's hustle and bustle, visiting Kawagoe in suburb Tokyo will be a good choice.


A course to visit the Edo Period town and Shopping

A one-day trip to enjoy history and shopping. Only 30 minutes away from Tokyo, “Koedo Kawagoe” will let you experience an old Japanese town and culture then back to Tokyo for shopping and dining. Perfect for those seeking a one-day sightseeing trip.

Let’s go to KAWAGOE


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