Fully enjoy the downtown area of Tokyo
where the new and the old are fused

“Asakusa” has always been a popular sightseeing area filled
with the atmosphere of downtown,
especially at the Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise-dori Street.
The “Asakusa & SKYTREE TOWN area” has the Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN
which is a new landmark.
They are always busy with various events all throughout the year.

In autumn, you can fully enjoy the autumn foilage in the big town of Asakusa,
and the clear sky from the TEMBO DECK of the SKYTREE.

Have you ever experienced
Asakusa / Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN?


A day in Sumida Ward; Following in the footsteps of Hokusai

For the typical foreign tourist to Tokyo, a stop at Asakusa’s temples and souvenir shops is a must.


A Course to experience old town culture and Japanesetechnology

This is a course to see famous tourist sights in Tokyo suchas Sensō-ji, one of the oldest temples in Tokyo and TOKYO SKYTREE℠, the world's tallest free standing broadcast tower to study old town culture and Japanese technologyat a museum. It is a course designed to experience both the old and new.

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN℠ plan for families

No problems even with small children! Here is information about recommended spots to enjoy with your family, and how to buy tickets for smooth access to the TEMBO DECK(350m) even when it is very crowded.

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN℠ plan for friends

You will be excited to visit shops with popular character goods and hot topic cafes!

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN℠ plan for couples

Enjoy watching one of the best night views in the world and get to know each other deeper, after enjoying a planetarium and shopping!



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