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Zao Ropeway

Zao Ropeway

Why don't you peep through the blue sky doorway of Zao ropeway and see the stage colorfully decorated by the seasons? You can enjoy winter sports and a view of frost covered trees in winter, and trecking and colored-leaves in the green seasons.



    Ropeway Sanroku Line was renewed in September 2011 with its 3rd generation of gondola. The new gondola was made in Switzerland, a leading country for sightseeing in the mountains. It has much bigger windows than the 2nd generation. It is also much quieter with rubber-made wheels. You can comfortably enjoy various seasonal views with a big panorama of 360 degrees.

    Ropeway Sancho Line features high transportation stability and comfort, thanks to the cables being wider than the gondola itself, making the gondola less shakey and not swing in the wind, etc. You can comfortably sit in the gondola with big windows and enjoy various seasonal views from your seat with a big panorama of 360 degrees, such as frost covered trees and colored-leaves.

    Enjoy an illuminated frost covered trees, that is called "snow monster". Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the frost covered trees colorfully illuminated in the very deep darkness in silence through the windows of the gondola. You will find that they give very different impressions from the daytime when they are brightened in the beautiful snow. You can also enjoy the latest "Night Cruiser", a special snow mobile with a heater,with which you can closely see hoarfrosts and illuminated frost covered trees.

    You can enjoy not only eating, but also the entire view of Zao, Yamataga at the restaurant "Sancho". It has exquisite seasonal views such as fresh green in spring, the cool air in summer, colored-leaves in autumn, and frost covered trees in winter... Fully enjoy the views of great nature changing with the season, together with high-quality dishes. During ski season, a restaurant in the ski area is also open where you can enjoy tasty and voluminous dishes.

    At Yokokura Ski Center, instructors very familiar with the winter in Zao will give you attentive lessons to enjoy skiing. Enjoy their cheerful and friendly guidance. You can also have "Ski Badge Test", a certification test officially approved by SAJ as well. Various rental services and ski goods sales are available as well.


229-3, Zao-Onsen, Yamagata city, YamagataMAP
Business Hours
8:30 - 17:00 Open 365 days a year (May be closed due to bad weather conditions or maintenances. Or may be opened for longer hours due to events in summer and winter)
Handling Card
JCB, DC, UC, UFJ Nicos, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay
From JR Yamagata Station, take a route bus for Zao-Onsen. 10 min. walk from Zao-Onsen Bus Terminal (the last bus stop).