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Tobu Chuzenji-ko Cruise

Tobu Chuzenji-ko Cruise

Beautiful Lake Chuzenji is a natural lake located in the highest place in Japan.
By excursion boat, you can closely enjoy a beautiful view depending on the season.



    Many people visit Nikko from all over the world, as it has many sightseeing spots including "Temples and shrines in Nikko", a world heritage, and good access from Tokyo. The most popular season is autumn, as there are the most beautiful colored-leaves spots in Japan. Many people inside and outside Japan visit these spots. To enjoy colored-leaves, pleasure cruise is especially recommened. From the middle of the lake, you can enjoy a splendid autumn view of colored-leaves in the mountains as 360 degree big panorama. You can also enjoy closely seeing these colored-leaves reflected on the surface of the lake, which can be seen only from the pleasure cruise.

    Senjugahama, located in the west of the Lake Chuzenji, is a flower meadow of "Japanese Primrose (scientific name: Primula Japonica)", a Japanese native flower that blooms profusely in the middle of June. This flower was called "the most beautiful flower in Japan" by Robert Fortune, a British botanist. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of these flowers blooming profusely in the forest with fresh green and a clean stream flowing into Lake Chuzenji. As it is prohibited to access to Senjugahama by general vehicle, it is recommended to access by pleasure cruise.

    A new pleasure cruise will be launched in summer 2017. In addition to "Kegon" for up to 500 passengers and "Astoria" for up to 120 passengers, this new cruise with the same capacity as "Kegon" will be in operation for the first time in 20 years. The new cruise's cabins were designed with the concept of "WA (Japanese style)". A special observation room will also be available in the front row of the cabin on the 2nd floor. This cruise is also eco-friendly, as it is equipped with a solar power generation as part of the power generation system for lightings and free Wi-Fi in the cruise, outlets in cabins, etc. We will make further efforts so that more people can enjoy the splendid view of the Lake Chuzenji.


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9:00 - 17:00
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Transportation IC cards (e.g. Suica and Pasmo)
Take Tobu Bus from Tobu Nikko Station. 8 min. walk from Chuzenjiko-Onsen Bus Stop / 1 min. walk from Yuransen-Hacchakujo Bus Stop.
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