• 20% off of express fares

  • Discounts for sightseeing facilities, shops, and restaurants

This pass includes a round trip train ticket between Tokyo (Asakusa) and Nikko, free bus rides in the Nikko area, and 20% off of express fares when purchased with this pass. Our limited express trains take approx. 2 hours from Asakusa to Nikko. Also receive discounts at sightseeing facilities, vehicle rides, souvenir shops, and restaurants.

Choose where you want to go with 2 different travel passes for Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen

Discount Privileges

    • Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen Area

    • 10% discount on purchases of over ¥1,000 at stores with this symbol.

*Not applicable to alcohol and tobacco. Some restrictions apply.

Present the discount pass to get discounts on tourist facilities and rides, souvenirs, and food and beverages.

Sightseeing facilities where discounts are available

  • Nikko Area
    • Nikko Natural Science Museum
    • Akechidaira Ropeway *
    • Regularly scheduled Lake Chuzenji sightseeing cruises (mid-April to November 30) *
    • Hybrid bus/Odashirogahara area access bus (zone of operation from mid-April to November 30: Akanuma shako to Senjugahama) *
    • Nikko Kirifuri Skate Center (outdoor rink in the winter)
    • Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko
    • Nikko Astraea Hotel
    • * Free for NIKKO PASS all area
  • Kinugawa Onsen Area
    • Tobu World Square
    • Kinugawa Koen Iwaburo
    • EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura
    • Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway
    • Osaru-no-Yama

*Discount tickets vary by season. Please be advised that there are some facilities that cannot be used in winter, and others that are only available in winter. Changes to facilities and contents are subject to change without notice.

How to purchase in Japan

  • Book Online

  • Receive at Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA

  • Enjoy your sightseeing!

  • Book Online
  • Receive at Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA
  • Enjoy your sightseeing!
  • Tobu Tourist Information
    Center ASAKUSA
  • +81-(0)3-3841-2871
    Open: 7:20-19:00
    Close : Operating 365 days a year (No closing day)
  • 1F Counter Asakusa Station
  • [Hours] From first train to final train of the day
    *Cash transactions only; no reservation exchanges or credit cards are accepted.

How to purchase in Japan

How to purchase in Japan

You can purchase tickets at the tourist information center above. Ticket sales service and sightseeing information are available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

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